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Hardwood is always a favorite flooring

Hardwood flooring became commonplace in the late nineteenth century, and it continues to be a favorite floor covering today. It’s durable, and the beautiful wood grains enhance any room decor. What’s more, hardwood is environmentally friendly since it does not harbor allergens or dust and dirt. Carpet Outlet Of Shelby County in Pelham, Alabama, has a large selection of hardwood in many domestic and exotic species. You can choose one of three types of hardwood: prefinished, unfinished, and engineered. The method of installation for each type is different, and our installers have expertise in each one.


The wear layer, or top layer of engineered flooring, is made of hardwood. The core is composed of numerous layers of wood stacked in a cross-grain configuration. This makeup assures minimal expansion and contraction with changes in a home's relative humidity. Therefore, engineered wood flooring can be installed anywhere, including bathrooms and basements. Matte, semi-gloss, and high-gloss finishes are available. Surface effects like hand-scraped, distressed, or wire-brushed add visual interest. Engineered wood planks are usually connected to float over the subfloor.


Prefinished solid hardwood flooring comes in many species and many stain finishes. The finishing treatments are applied to the planks in the factory. Sealers are generally more powerful than those used by installers who work on-site. Hence, planks are more durable. Keep in mind that seams are not sealed. The floor has a beveled, not a flush, look. Planks are usually nailed to a wood subfloor. Any type of solid wood flooring likely will last the life of the house. The floor can be sanded and refinished in future years when it begins to look worn.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Alabaster, AL from Carpet Outlet Of Shelby County


Unfinished solid hardwood flooring is finished on-site. The floor is installed, and then sanded, stained, and sealed in the home. Installation takes one week, and acclimation takes another week. It's advisable to undertake this major project during new construction or a major home upgrade. This type of installation may also be necessary if a preferred stain is not available with prefinished planks. The floor has a flush look when finished. Depending on your lifestyle, this type of well-sealed floor may work well in the kitchen. Generally, solid hardwood planks are nailed to a wood subfloor.

Carpet Outlet Of Shelby County has been serving the Pelham, Alabama, area since 1987. Communities that we serve include Trussville, Birmingham, and Alabaster. Our installation team can install both finished and unfinished wood flooring. Our estimates are free, and our design consultants are friendly. We’d love to meet you at our showroom in Pelham to help you get started with your flooring upgrade.