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There is a carpet style for every need

Carpets can be soft and luxurious, moisture-resistant and practical, or designed with pet owners in mind. Synthetic fibers are durable, and natural fibers are always refined. Wall to wall carpeting provides a homey look while area rugs complement furnishings and accessories. Carpet Outlet Of Shelby County offers a large variety of all types of carpet flooring and rugs. With so many products available, you’re certain to find a brand that is just right for your home.


Top of the line wool carpeting is ideal for master bedrooms, formal living rooms, and other low traffic areas of the home. Wool is durable and naturally resilient, or able to bounce back from compression. Most carpet flooring is made of synthetic fibers. Nylon, the most popular, is also resilient. It's capable of maintaining its original appearance years after it was installed. Also, it's durable and able to stand up well to abrasion. Triexta is a newer fiber that is also tough and durable as well as naturally stain resistant. Polyester is available in vibrant colors, olefin is moisture and mildew resistant, and less-costly acrylic mimics the look and feel of wool.


Pile describes how the loops of fiber are attached to the carpet backing. Loop pile has a low profile and little cushioning. Level loop, also called Berber, is tough enough for high traffic areas. The multi-level loop comprises loops that vary in height to produce a patterned texture. Cut pile is created by cutting the fibers at the tip of the loops. Saxony is the most common type of cut pile. Fibers are longer than plush cut pile, which has a formal appearance. In addition to their longer length, fibers are twisted to give each one more body. Shag and other types of frieze carpet have long fibers.
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Carpet Outlet Of Shelby County provides shutters and blinds, flooring, carpet installation, rugs, and home decor to the Pelham, Alabama, area. Columbia in Shelby County, Trussville, Alabaster, and Birmingham are some of the communities we’ve been serving since 1987. Our design consultants are ready to offer their help, and our installers are ready to tackle any job. Give us a call or visit our showroom in Pelham. Estimates are always free.