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Blinds and shutters are fashionable and functional

Window blinds and shutters do more than provide privacy and enhance any room decor. They help keep the cold out in the winter and the heat out in the summer. They also block sunlight that can fade furnishings. In other words, window treatments have a practical and aesthetic function. Carpet Outlet Of Shelby County offers a wide selection of both blinds and shutters. You’ll also find a variety of floor coverings, like carpet and hardwood, in our Pelham, Alabama, showroom.


Plantation shutters, distinguished by their wide interior shutter slats or louvers, are the most popular style of interior shutter. They let a maximum amount of light into a room when open and keep heat and humidity out when closed. Café-style half-height shutters are designed to provide an outside view. Louvered-style, which can be single or double height, blends well with country decor. Movable slats that overlap each other control the amount of light and air that enter the home. Louvers come in a variety of sizes. Tier-on-tier-style features one panel that sits above another panel. Each one opens independently. Shaker-style flat, solid panels offer functional simplicity. Many styles are made from materials that range from wood to polymer, making them easy to customize to match your décor. Also, wood shutters are available in different wood species. Available hanging systems include L-frame and Z-frame as well as hanging strips and direct to casing mount.
Blinds and shutters in Pelham, AL area from Carpet Outlet Of Shelby County


As with shutters, there are many styles of blinds. Blinds have individual slats that move up and down and tilt from side to side. Venetian blinds, the most common style, are standard horizontal blinds with slats. Mini and macro blinds are similar to the Venetian style. Vertical and panel blinds are both a popular choice for patio doors and floor to ceiling windows. Smart blinds, available in many styles, can be programmed with a smartphone. The benefits of using high tech window treatments include passive energy savings and waking to natural light. It's important to note that eco-friendly blinds, that are made of bamboo, woven woods, and wood, reduce carbon dioxide in the home as well as regulate light. Shades perform a similar light-altering function but are made from one piece of material.

Carpet Outlet Of Shelby County has been serving Pelham, Alabama, and nearby communities since 1987. We offer free estimates and personalized service. Our design consultants are happy to answer any questions you may have about window treatments or flooring while our installers can handle any type of window or flooring upgrade.